Gated Community in Whitefield?

Gated Community in Whitefield?

REGARDLESS of whether you're a buyer or an existing property holder wishing to revamp your living, buying a property near day-by-day drive courses and various enhancements in a focal area is a smart thought. To make things suitable, a lot of modern-day gated communities, like those in new residential projects in Whitefield, Bangalore, with restrictive entrances, are often represented by a closed limit of walls and borders.

What is a gated community?

A gated community is a housing property with a name and exact geographic boundary set apart by the edges and gates controlling access to the location. One can spot gated communities in any area, including cities, towns, and even the outskirts. Things that cross our minds are expensive homes, luxury lifestyles, amenities, and superb specifications. Let us now consider the following extras you are more likely to experience from living in a gated community:

1.Higher Property Value

Most people don't prefer gated communities because of a common misunderstanding around them, i.e., they have a higher living cost. If you are also avoiding the gated community owing to this reason, it is time to transform your mind. You can easily find affordable properties with gated structures in today's market. What makes them even better is the high price of the property. Apartments located in gated communities have better value than the ones that aren't gated.

2.Safety and Security

As stated earlier, gated communities have boundaries and are well-guarded. Hence, they offer the advantage of safety and security. Most also keep a journal of who enters and exits the area. A guard or automatic security systems are nestled to provide better protection to the inhabitants. You may benefit from a specified inhabitant card, allowing people to enter and leave the area. Moreover, they have suitable surveillance systems throughout the gated community that help monitor all ongoing activities.

3.Lifestyle Changes

No other property can offer a lifestyle similar to gated community apartments. They have everything that you need to have a good time. You can find various amenities, such as:

  • Pool
  • Gyms
  • Game Courts (tennis, golf, football, etc.)
  • Movie theatre

You will have to find these facilities nearby in every other type of property. So you will have to spend extra money to use them. However, you can get everything in just one place with gated apartments.

4.Eco-Friendly Living

Everyone wants to live in a green and eco-friendly atmosphere. However, most people cannot attain the goal for diverse reasons. You must choose a gated community if you also wish for an eco-friendly residence. This type of accommodation gets designed in an environmentally friendly manner. You will find different technologies in them that enable water and electricity conservation while fostering greenery.

5.Safe Play for Kids

If you have kids, there can be no more suitable place than a gated community. As mentioned earlier, these places are highly secured with proper supervision and guards. So you can send your kids to play outside without bothering about their safety and security. Plus, these societies have no moving cars or any danger around children's playing areas. They are much safer for your kids as compared to other residential types.

6.Green Environment

A few elements that help deliver more environmentally friendly residences in gated communities than any other type of property are: Traffic: All the regular road traffic is kept away from the community as they are connected to protected boundaries. Hence, the property has much less air and noise pollution. Greenery: Most gated communities include gardens and other kinds of greenery around the area. These items offer a "close to nature" touch and make the environment more refreshed and healthy. Everything is well preserved. So, you don't have to compromise on healthful living at any time.

7.Higher Home Standards

You may already know the expenses of maintaining even the most minor facilities in your home. Therefore, you can speculate how much budget it will take to take care of the gated community apartments' amenities properly. However, you need not worry about any of these things. All the expense is maintained under the annual society funds. Moreover, the management handles everything that goes wrong within the gated community. This means you don't have to stress about getting something fixed, and you can live peacefully in your residence. Several such advantages can be obtained by living in a gated community. Now, you can effortlessly decide whether or not you want to go for them.

Prestige Lavender Fields

Prestige Lavender Fields

Prestige Lavender Fields is an alluring property for first-home consumers, professionals, and youthful families. This residential outcome is built in the most famous area and offers a place to reside close to for a few reasons. This incredibly luxurious project is on show among home buyers, particularly IT experts. This top-notch project has made a mark in the Prestige Group's expansion and flair. The apartment consists of an open-plan lounge and dining area connected with the kitchen - the outdoors is accessed through a farmhouse slide from the living space.

They have 1/2/3 BHK abodes. All bedrooms in this residential project are tremendous and serviced by a bathroom and a separate bathroom. The flooring is effortless to care for. Excellently situated within walking distance of a shopping centre and all the prominent IT companies within a short drive. Close to the place, there are many facilities, including parks, playgrounds, local shops, restaurants, a healthcare centre, and a club that gives an easy pass to the people living on the property. Prestige Lavender Fields Whitefield Bangalore offers premium homes. The project has been built using the current innovations.

Prestige Waterford

Prestige Waterford

The ace builder Prestige Group developed another remarkable residential project Prestige Waterford, in the established locality, Whitefield, East Bangalore. Sprawling across a humungous 16.6 acres, there are 689 stunning apartments in 3 and 4 bedroom sets in tall towers with multiple options in layouts, sizes and prices. The homes are Vaastu compliant and are carefully crafted, assuring privacy and the best use of space in each abode. The confines of the complex include a stacked-up landscape garden, formal courtyards, an array of terraces, reflective ponds, seating areas, step walls, hidden courtyards and a maze garden. The residents can enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of these from each of their abodes as they are well demarcated. The dwellers can spend their leisure hours with signature amenities which the builder has chosen explicitly for all age groups. A fully equipped Clubhouse is available, loaded with fun, recreational, and fitness activities. Essential amenities include a Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Cricket Practice Pitch, Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Health Club, Multipurpose Court, Outdoor Game Area, Bicycle Track, Joggers Park, Children Play Area, Mini Theater, Event Lawns, Party Halls, Convenience Store etc. Prestige Waterford starting price is INR 1.70 crores.

Prestige Waterford location, Whitefield, is also a significant one as it is one of the sought-after areas of Bangalore. Some of the prominent IT parks and business hubs are located in this place. These host multiple reputed MNCs and Indian companies which employ numerous people across various domains. Infra-wise also, the area is much developed with proper multitudes of options in education, shopping, dining, entertainment, healthcare, banking, hospitality, elegant and modern residences from top realtors etc. The project is well-connected to the city through the arterial roads, a boon for the dwellers. The possession date of Prestige Waterford is 31st December 2023; however, with the myriad benefits the project holds and being one of the prudent investors have purchased the homes, and it is already sold out!

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